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JavaScript, TypeScript, React, GraphQL, CSS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, SQL, Ember


English, Slovak, Czech, German (basics)


Sep 2004 - Jun 2009
Technical University of Kosice
Masters Degree

Stuff I enjoy

Travelling, Snowboarding, Playing guitar, Watching movies, Hiking

Daniel Husar

Hi! I'm a full-stack engineer with a decade of experience that loves solving real-world problems and focuses on building functional and beautiful UIs.

For the last six years, I have been part of the Intercom engineering, where I have been working with all teams from the product, marketing, GTM to the growth.


Sep 2014 - Present


Product Engineer - San Francisco, California

  • Led the completion of a quarters-long tech stack migration, resulting in a simplified marketing site architecture for the team to maintain and for marketing teams to use.
  • Tech lead on the Messenger accessibility project that made Messenger AA accessible. (link to a blog post) My work involved:
    • Developing and open sourcing custom babel plugin to maintain the accessibility of all existing and new components.
    • Adding focus indicators and focus traps to the Messenger.
    • Testing the Intercom Messenger with a screen reader.
    • Working with an external agency on accessibility QA.
  • Introducing bundle splitting and reducing the Messenger size by 65%. (link to a blog post)
  • Tech lead on sass to CSS-IN-JS (Emotion) rewrite, which improved the speed and size of the Messenger and added the ability to collocate styles with components. My work involved:
    • Tech doc outlining benefits of migrating Messenger from sass to Emotion.
    • Tech plan for the incremental rollout of the rewrite in a codebase owned by multiple teams across different timezones.
    • Forking and modifying Emotion babel plugin to work within our codebase.
    • Introducing best practices to keep the existing accessibility compliance.
  • Front-end lead on the Intercom help center articles product.
  • Working closely with GTM, marketing, and sales teams. Shipped several iterations of the marketing site and annual contracts for the sales team.
May 2019 - Present

Slovensko Digital (a non-profit organization)

Full-stack Engineer - San Francisco, California

  • Tech lead on the online application that helped people to vote in the last parliament elections, which roughly increased elections attendance by one percent.
  • Creating and styling html emails.
  • Simplifying the CI pipeline.
Sep 2013 - Sep 2014

Each and Other

Front-end Engineer - Dublin, Ireland

  • Front-end lead on the Permanent TSB new internet banking, where I worked closely with the Permanent TSB backend team.
  • Front-end lead on the Liberty Insurance Ireland new website.
  • Helping to ship the new Vodafone Ireland web site.
Nov 2011 – Aug 2013

Perform Group

Full Stack Engineer - Kosice Slovakia

  • Working on the largest live sports streaming service in the UK. My work involved:
    • Converting the flash live-player into html5 for mobile visitors.
    • Redesigning the new live sports portal.
    • Rewriting into ember.js.